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  1. Thanks ART This is the first nice replay from any forms I posted on. Alan
  2. Just found this coin as I was going through my new Jefferson's for my album. I always use a loop when ever I am looking at coins I receive, for this very reason I have used a loop and can see the error, but if you move the loop it looks like the date 2065 I used this type of lighting as it shows up better. It is the best my camera can do. I could use some help with this coin. I would like to know just what to do with it. Alan
  3. Hey where is everyone? Take a look at my article you might just enjoy it.LOL Alan
  4. Thanks for all the great posts. ccg thanks for all thr info on the medallions. I just received then the other day, and they a truly amazing. A real nice part of Canadian history to pass down to the grandchildren. All the Best Alan
  5. Nice new sample slab I was given by a good friend. several more to come Alan
  6. Thanks Art Now that's what I'm talking about. Art they are some real nice sample slabs. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. Alan
  7. Nice new advertising slab I was given by a good friend. several more to come Alan
  8. Art That is an awesome coin and a great coin to own. You should be very proud of it. Alan
  9. I am very happy with this new addition to my collection. Alan
  10. HI Chwkboy Thanks for replying to this and my medallions post. I just recived them this week and they are really something. I am trying to get better pictures of this coin. I might have to wait for it to arrive. I will post them as soon as I can. I know this can be a very expensive coin so a clear image is important. THANKS Alan
  11. Hi I am new here, and I am also new to Canadian coins. I have just purchased this coin, and I was hoping someone can confirm what I was told the coin is worth 1881 H. QUEEN VICTORIA, ONE QUARTER DOLLAR SILVER around $200.00 in very good shape. Thank you so much for the help. Alan
  12. Hi Art Well you are correct about two of them, but the largest one of the Queen is. The 1953 commemorative medallion for her Coronation. Alan
  13. Hye Everyone. What about the samples! LOL Alan
  14. Hi everyone I posted this in U,S,coin form but I should have posted them here I wanted to share with you all some Canadian commemoriatives They are dated from first to last. 1939, 1953 and 1927. They are all pure copper 1/2 oz, excpet Elizabeth II, it is 1 oz. I know this form is for American coins, so I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my own country's commemoriative coins I hope you all enjoy them Alan
  15. All font size are fine on my computer. Alan
  16. Thanks Roger As a Canadian I will in all likelihood never see this building. So now I also can Tye the coin to the history Thanks again Alan
  17. The rest of the Rosie's I ave seen on this thread are very nice so good going everyone. Alan
  18. Hi Art That is just what I have done for my Grandchildren. I was able to get three 1966 and two 1967. The 67's was about ten dollars each, but if you can believe it I got the three, 1966 for $3.88 each. They are very easy to come buy, and you are correct, get them know before that 40% Half Dollar get to high. Alan
  19. Art I just got lucky with this one, and won it for ten dollars. That being said, I think you have a very good start on your collection. Your silver Rosie's are amazing. The rest of my collection are all 69's It is not very big maybe 50 slabs so fare, but I have had to put a slowdown on them. Alan
  20. Art I thank you for this GREAT THREAD, I love the Jefferson, I am building three complete folders, or trying with all proofs. I know it is a tall order buy I have a lot of fun trying. I just hope I can get the really old ones in mint or proof. Alan
  21. I just keep finding mor pictures. Alan
  22. Here are some SMS I just picked up. And one of my many Jefferson samples. I also Have a large slabbed collection, I have to get pictures of Alan
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