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  1. The reason i want to know its value is not because i wish to sell it but because it gives me an idea of its rarity. The coin has a diameter of about 1 1/4 inch (more precisely 3,3 cm). One side depicts the Canadian Pacific Railway and the other King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. There is information about this coin on the internet, but not this one specifically. All i have been able to find was information about the more common bronze one, which was given to schoolchildren.
  2. My grandfather was in the war and he gave me a medallion he had (i dont know how he got it). I would like to know, who was this coin generaly given too and whatever else you know about it, because all it says on it is six days war and jerusalem. The rest is hebrew.
  3. So my mother is bugging me and she really wanted to find out the value of this 1 dollar US coin. She is convinced its worth more than a dollar, im not sure. So here is the coin:
  4. Where is this from? How much is it worth?
  5. I have been given this coin by my grandfather and have only found the value of the bronze one, but this one is silver and i wanted to know its value.
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