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  1. How you guys find all this out ive been looking for weeeks, everytime i looked on the net, it came up with canada & also i found afew 1988 roland garros 10f, possibly gold it says, how would you tell ?????????
  2. Cheers fin its baffled me abit that one has. French are hard ones to sort out i think
  3. Can anyone tell me which french coins coontain silver, & the years they contained it cheers this is doing my head in :black eye:
  4. you are the man Andy , what sort of age would they be, also would you help me to id afew others, i have thousands to go through, ive even brought more, bit of a addiction coming on hey. O & what sort of value would these coins carry
  5. Hi, im new to this so hello Ive recently been given a coin collection of my mother, ive gone through alot, but theres afew i cant find on the net. Can anyone help ????
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