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  1. Thanks akdrv Hi Scottishmoney, the main site is fine its never been down but we were having a lot of trouble with the forum which has been down for several months. I had to switch server providers twice before I finally managed to get it working again. You should be able to click through onto the forum on the home page of CoinsGB. I just tried and its working, you may have to refresh your page?
  2. To celebrate the re-launch of CoinsGBforum.com we would like to have a giveaway on this forum. Prize: India 1923 1/24 Anna (Bombay mint, Unc) picked from a small group I acquired. Like the one pictured here: If you would like a chance to win, post a reply in this thread. Only one entry allowed per person allowed and the winner will be randomly drawn (My wife will pick a names out of a hat). I will post the winner their coin anywhere in the World at my expense. For a chance to win more coins check out our newly re-launched forum. The winner will be chosen on Mon 16th July and announced here. All entries must be in before 10pm GMT on Sun 15th July. Any entries made after this time and date wont be counted. Good luck!
  3. I've added a section about error coins: http://gold-sovereign.net/category/error-coins/
  4. I'm just working on my new website http://gold-sovereign.net I have already added quite a lot of information and thanks to all that allowed me use of pictures. I have been adding more content, including this page about how coins are minted (made): http://gold-sovereign.net/category/coin-minting any other suggestions for pages/ articles always welcome.
  5. Very nice and its nice to be able to compare the coin to the seal.
  6. I think leaving the word "bare" in there will make your site a little more popular with the search engines HAHA I never thought of that I should maybe change it back. I could maybe add more words like "bust" as in jubilee bust etc..
  7. Constanius and Clive, thanks very much for your input and taking the time to read over my site If anyone notices anything else or has an idea for another post or page (I was thinking one on coin termology?) then please let me know. I am slo looking to exchange links with any other decent coin related sites. Many thanks, Hus
  8. I still have a bit to do but if anyone fancies taking a look and critiquing the site for me I would be grateful. I am looking for opinions good and bad, spelling mistakes etc and any suggestions eg, new content. http://gold-sovereign.net/
  9. Novodel To be honest I have paid a lot more for worse so it wasn't too expensive a lesson.
  10. Antonio Venier (circa 1330 - 23 November 1400) was a Doge of Venice reigning from October 1382 to his death. He was interred in the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, a traditional burial place of the doges. Italy. Venice. Ducat, ND. Antonio Venier (1382-1400). Fr-1229; Nomisma-15. 3.54 grams
  11. hussulo Gold, Group 2: 1501-1700, 1515-1547, 1602 James VI, Scotland, Sword & Sceptre piece.http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/992301.jpg hussulo Gold, Group 2: 1501-1700, 1515-1547 Francois I, France, Ecu D'or du Dauphine http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/992303.jpg hussulo Gold, Group 1: Ancient & Medievel: XX-1500AD, 1461-1475 Germany, Mayence, Goldgulden. Archbishop Adolf II Von Nassau, http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/992300.jpg hussulo Gold, Group 1: Ancient & Medievel: XX-1500AD, 1380-1422 Charles VI, France, Ecu D'or. http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/992302.jpg
  12. I used to collect errors but sold my collection off, but I have always found them fascinating. I saw these three offered on ebay and couldn't resist: First one a QEII 3 pence struck 50% off centre. Second a 1973 QEII 10 pence double error, struck off centre and clipped error. The last one and really unusual, a 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Crown (25p) with a huge struck through scrap error. Considering these coins weren't struck for circulation I don't know how it was missed. I've never seen one of this type on a crown before. and finally a coin I had bought to sell on my website but I'm thinking of keeping it myself. It's an Alexander III penny with 28 points to the stars. I don't believe a definite mint has been identified to this coin but it is believed 28 points may indicate it being minted in Ayr.
  13. Thats cool, I have seen pictures of the "mermaid before" but hadn't heard about the mummified bandit. -
  14. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this is? I have been told it may be a trade coin? It's large and I've pictured it besides a George V penny to illustrate it's size.
  15. Cool. Its great fun searching through big lots for rare dates and varieties.
  16. Please take a look: http://shop.ebay.com/prestigenumismatics/m.html
  17. I am currently auctioning a lot of World gold coins, which include most of my Eliasberg coins on ebay. They are all starting at way below what I paid for them and below what they sold for in 2005 Stacks sale, so grab a bargain. I am also selling some other nice World coins. Please take a look: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/prestigenumismatics/m.html Thanks
  18. Charles II 1670 Milled Halfcrown. Silver, 14.14 grams, 33.14 mm. Dated 1670. Third bust. Obverse: profile bust with CAROLVS II DEI GRATIA legend. Reverse: cruciform shields with date and MAG B FR ET HIB REX legend. Edge: with DECVS ET TVTAMEN ANNO REGNI VICESIMO SECVNDO legend. S. 3365; ESC 467. Very fine, with the usual week strike in the centre. Lovely original toning. Spink 2010 guide price in VF is £550 My price for this coin is £395 which includes insured post to any where in the World. Payment via PayPal accepted. PM me if interested. Thanks
  19. Link below: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/prestigenumismatics/m.html Thanks
  20. I've added a few silver coins to my site priced below the 2010 price guide. They are: 1992-1993 Silver Piedfort Proof 50 Pence 1998 Silver Piedfort Proof 50 Pence 1902 Edward VII Florin 1992-1993 Silver Piedfort Proof 50 Pence, Two coin Set
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