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  3. That is just a Canada 2 Dollars, 1986, P-94b. The dot just fell on her forehead, nothing special about it. Sort of like this one:
  4. Please check it out on the scans below and let me knows of what you think later there
  5. First lady of elongateds, A couple of books on them
  6. I found a nice $20 US dollar and on left of bill the is stamped WU AND MOA. They looked like was from mint. One is like a purplish pink. I can't find anything about it or if reading right. Check bill is real got from bank. If you have any info on this PLEASE let me know.
  7. Ray Dillard one of the great ones that passed this year. was a fixture at ANA shows handing out elongateds wrote a couple books on them and was an all around great person.
  8. Does anyone know who the young lady was?? I have a bank note with a signature under the photo and I believe the name is Catherine... perhaps her??
  9. I want to know more about this coin and it's value
  10. The coin below appears to be of Nero. I am unable to attribute it fully. Possibly the dupondius RIC 519 but the "C" of 'SC' does not match as it is too far right and 'low'. The image does not reflect the true color in hand. The brown image in hand below is from Wildwinds and the green image below is from The Roman Coins Database. Both appear to exhibit the "c" high & left and are attributed as RIC 519. I have looked online for a closer match but come up short. Trust someone may be able to help. 13.08 gr. ~28mm' brass IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR PPP SECVRITAS AV
  11. Hi Lorna, if you haven’t got rid of the magazine collection I would like to express an interest in taking them from you, I broke off my subscription while collecting and am keen to try to advance my copies. regards john
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  13. Can anybody tell me what a silver 1917 penny is worth? I have searched for one and I can't find any. Thanks in advance.
  14. The famous Tunku is holding aiscream with beautiful stunning Diamond shade that keep circulate rotating around on entire surface becomes absolutely Gorgeous
  15. Corina


  16. Congratulations, dear Josh. Nice coins both of them. The 1796 is very interesting. And sure worth the price - in fact it is a bargain!! Sigi
  17. Coins arrived! Very pleased. Pauls overstrike 1796 EM 5K has clear traces of \\\\\\\ edge in 2 sections. the rest is XXX. I like a bargain, with overstrikes you can get 3 coins for the price of one, LOL. In hand, and in direct sunlight, the coins have much darker patina than the auction photos show. I suspect photoshop correction to bring detail out, or some lighting conditions that distort color. These pics were with my cell phone, in direct daylight.
  18. IMHO looks to be PMD where the coin has rubbed on something and made scratches
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  20. I experienced that, too. Only thing to do is to try again and again....... Sigi
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