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Peter I 1720 ruble

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One of the earliest ruble of Peter I that I could get hold of, as well as being in cyrillic dating, this is one of the last few coins minted in such dating as numerical dating eventually took over.




Indeed, based upon most of the European silver crowns around that era, that design were to influence most of Russian coin designs for around a century, until some mad man, (Pavel I) decided to have something new.


Perhaps this coin, while engraved, gilted, hinged, damaged, etc may not seem to be a pretty coin, but here is something is quite interesting:




1719! :ninja:


Due to the damage, around half of the edge is almost unviewable, but this is what I got. Edge type of this particular coin is: "МОСКОВСКИЙ ??? МОНЕТНОГО ДЕНЕЖНОГО ДВОРА 1719" - extrusive edge text.


While Uzedenikov reports that there are around 10 different edge types just on this single coin, he also reports that there are both 1718, and 1720 on them too. Now why 10 different types of edges, well I guess Moscow Mint was too ill-prepared to mint coins :lol: But remember, such edging technology was around in Russia for just a short 10 years or so if I am not wrong, as Russia started to use them around 1710s.

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