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A Study In Modern Chop Marks

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Here are some that I found, on all 100.00 bills. I have wondered about them and have seen the ones that have a location in the states on them to see how much the bills are circulated in a community. Never thought that it would be a sub collecting area!


Will have to pay more attention and take photo's in the future.


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I work at a casino and handle tons of American $100 bills every day. I cannot tell you how many bills pass through our hands that have some kind of stamp on them! Sometimes we even receive upwards of ten in a row with the same mark on a similar area on the back of the bill. This conversation had been sating my curiosity!!

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Hi! I'm new here, and this is my first post. I hope it's okay to reply to an old thread? I found this thread on reddit. 


Anyway, I found a chop mark on my money. 

Where can I learn more about chop marks? 



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