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Guest Stujoe

PING: All Division Winners

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Guest Stujoe

I need a PM with a snail mail addy from the following people so I can send out prizes after the official end of the competiton (next weekend).


Україна Двi - BC to 499 AD PM Received


Ætheling - 500 to 1499 AD PM Received


gpnyc - 1500 to 1699 AD PM Received


Tiffibunny - 1700 to 1799 AD PM Received


gpnyc - 1800 to 1899 AD PM Received


gpnyc - 1900 to 1949 AD PM Received


banivechi - 1950 to Present PM Received


elverno - Exonumia PM Received


BTW: I don't keep mail addys so, even if you think I have yours, I don't :lol:


BTW #2: I only need one PM from gpnyc for the three prizes. :ninja:

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