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1982 Philippine 5 sentimo

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This is a 1982 Philippine 5 Sentimo


Made of Brass And Was issued By The Sentral bank of the philppines


Not Useable Now Since The Govt Devalued All The Old Philippine Coins And Banknotes In 1995


This Coin Has the First lady leader of the Philippines Melchora Aquino On the Back


She Ruled Till 1990 Then retired From public Life


The Coin Was issued During Her Leadership


The Words ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN Are seen on the front Of the Coin


The words Mean The New Year Society Also the dates 1949 and 1982 Are Also on the front


1949 is when The New Year Society Was Founded


1982 is their 33yr Birthday


Then In Smaller letters The Words BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS Are Seen




On the back Above The Bust Of Aquino The Words REPUBLIKA NG PHILIPINAS


That means republic of Philippines


Side #1 Of Coin



Side #2 Of Coin



The Coin is In VG Condition

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The Coin Was Some Change I had gotten In the philippines in 1992


So i kept The Coin ;)


i threw all of them coins that were demonitized...including the centavo coins the rectangular shape :ninja:

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very nice...wavy edges coin :ninja:

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