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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have been collecting coins since I was a kid. I am by no means proficient in error coins and the limited knowledge I have is simply through research from what I read on various error Coin websites. 
I have several coins that are errors of different types and I'm interested in trying to get an idea whether or not it will be worth it to send to PSCG for a formal evaluation.
The types of errors I have range from doubling to coins that are partially blank to a Canadian 5 cent piece that I'm unsure if it's a near/far leaf and shoulder strap to 1970 S high/low Lincoln cent.
I even have a State Quarter that is missing the reverse side altogether (so I have no idea what date it is).
Because I'm not real sure about the possible values on any of them, I'm hesitant to submit all of them for grading and valuation since there's a fee for each coin. I certainly don't want to pay a lot of money for this, only to find out there is no real value on any of them. With some of the error coins, I know for sure they are errors with likely higher values, but with others, I'm just not sure.
Several years ago I had a Wisconsin state quarter with an extra leaf, and I KNEW they could start at $500 and up. However at the time (right after the 08 recession) we were desperate for money and a coin shop by my house said the most they could do was $80 so I took it and now I'm kicking myself in the ass for doing that!!
I've brought my error coins to several coin shops in my area, and NO ONE wanted to give me the time of day.
I've emailed a couple of websites that deal in errors and they both told me my best bet was to reach out to "chat rooms for error coins" and see if anyone might be able to steer me in the right direction. I certainly don't want to go through the same thing as what happened with the extra leaf coin, and have people tell me "it's not worth much at all but I'd be willing to give you xxx amount of dollars" only to find out later they were sold for WAY more money. I'm just wicked skeptical right now so I'm hoping by posting this, I can get several different responses as to where I might start, before spending a lot of money to the big grading service companies. 
I would really appreciate as much feedback as possible and I would be happy to send photos of the error coins that I have if anyone is interested in seeing them.
Thanks for any input anyone can offer me. Please email me at jaylynjenna@gmail.com
Jennifer in the Phoenix AZ area




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Thanks for that advice. I've been doing a lot of research online about the various error coins. I guess for me, I'm concerned that the errors I KNOW are errors, such as a double lettering on both obverse and reverse (as well as the date) and what I believe is a double earlobe, are valuable enough to spend the money on grading. Also, I have a state Quarter that has absolutely NO reverse piece whatsoever (there's a bronze colored thin disc which I assume is the piece that is placed between the front and back of any coin) so I have no idea what year it is or which state Quarter it is. I'm  not sure if that qualifies it as an error and if so, how much value it holds. I don't mind sending in all my "error" coins for professional grading and valuation but I've heard if your coins are not worth $150 then it's not worth having it done. I've learned what the various errors are (clipped planchet, double die, etc) but sometimes I wonder, if I think I have a coin that has one of the errors, am I mistaken or is it a true error. I was wondering if there are any websites or forums that I can go to and post pictures of my coins to see what kind of feedback I get. That way I'll have a better idea of if I should submit them to a place such as PCGS for a formal grading and valuation.  Thank you for your suggestion on getting some books on errors. I think I will pick one or two up so I have something for reference. 

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well there is one that i'm a member of called collectors universe there are many on there that can help you the forum has coin dealers, collectors and

other experts they can help you



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Thank you SO much for that info!!! I'm assuming  I just type Collectors Universe? I will definitely go to the website and check them out. I really appreciate your help in giving me direction and a good place to start!!!

Thanks again!!!

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