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SIGNED by both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets 2018 makes this coin unique and one of a kind.
The gold collector coin for the centenary of the Republic has been designed by Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets. Its design features the Estonian national flower, the cornflower, and the oldest Estonian geometric design, in which the symbols represent perfect happiness, development and balance.
This RARE GOLD COIN is of proof-like quality, Au 999, measuring 22mm in diameter and weighing 5.65 grams. The gold collector coin has a nominal value of 100 euros and only 3000 are minted
Coin number 1729 comes with personally signed certificate from both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets.

RARE SIGNED Gold Coin Estonia 100 ANNIVERSARY Estonie Estland Eesti Эстония RAR.jpg

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South Africa 1982 Nickel Proof 1 Rand

Mintage of 15


SAM_0057.000 (1).jpg

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Only as a matter of interest and only if you want to answer ... what did you pay for the coin?

Spot rate app USD 240

Normally i buy any gold coin available. That said, i do not buy commemorative gold coins. The ratio between spot rate and purchase price are normally way off.

My personal opinion is that you will never "recover" the difference. 



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