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A bit of sorting for modern Japanese coins (1870 - 1948)

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I haven't really looked at what Japanese coins I have in my collection. In fact, when I last worked on my website for Japanese coins, I last dated it in 2009 (!) - almost 10 years ago. A fair amount was bought when it was quite cheap back then. Would you believe it if I said I bought a cleaned silver 1 yen coin for just 20 dollars? Mind you - this was when silver was just 5 USD / ounce.

I took some time to sort out what I have and see what duplicates I have. Turns out there's way more varieties than duplicates than I hoped so. The basis of how I arranged it is on a Japanese catalog (JNDA). I found the varieties to be very annoying but I'll leave it as it is for now. There's one major variety that I don't think is documented, that is 1883 1/2 sen.

As this collection is somewhat large, I've split it into three sections to make it a bit earlier to load. Granted the design is quite dated - I haven't figure out what is the best way to present neatly with this amount of photos. I've included two digital albums. One is the original Dansco Japan type set album and the other is my updated version.

Guess I've talked enough - this is the link


Please feel free to post your Japanese coins!

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