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Hey Gang,

Selling off some AAFES Pogs to fund other purchases. I will try to keep prices competitive, usually Ebay or less. Sometimes a POG does command a premium. If you are interested in a POG and don't like the price, pm with an offer. All POGS will be shipped on my dime. Paypal F/F preferred or if G/S selected, please add 3% to sale. Here we go.

The need for POGs was created by the lack of change in Operation Enduring Freedom. Pogs are lighter than coins which does decrease shipping weight as previously mentioned but there were other reasons as well. By having the military ship coins it would require tasking soldiers to perform the mission and put them at risk. AAFES felt the coins were not worth putting soldiers at risk if an alternative could be found.

1. 6th Printing 6M51 Elvis POG, Extremely rare $ 25

2. 6th Printing 6D101 Elvis POG Extremely rare $ 25

3. 6th Printing 6E101 Elvis POG Extremely rare $ 25

4. 6th Printing 6F101 Elvis POG Extremely rare $ 25

5. Lot of 9 AAFES POGS with Presidents. $ 50

6. 15th Printing Set Last POGS dated 2011 $30

6D101 printing pogs10cNUMBERS.jpg

6E101 printing pogs10cNUMBERS.jpg

6F101 printing pogs10cNUMBERS.jpg

6M51 printingpogs5cNUMBERS.jpg

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Sorry for the timely response.. I just came across this question. The Elvis Pogs were limited to 50,000 by the Elvis Foundation. These Elvis Pogs were saved by everyone and for those that made it back to the states, when the Pogs were cashed in at the AAFES Facility, the Pogs were destroyed.  

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