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World-Wide Coins of California

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I got back on Mr. Elmen's mailing list and found a Sun Rouble i like. (I like most of these rugged coins.)


A few years ago, this would have sold for upwards of a couple grand. (I won it for $875 in case you wonder.). Though it has some grafiti, it is superior to the other Sun i own and for which i paid far more. Both are degrees of VF. This is Bitkin 1316.


While thinking over bidding, i came across this NGC site that features this coin as an example of a Sun Rouble.:




Elmen was very surprised to hear this. He said NGC lifts images. He tried to track down how the coin might have been found by NGC through other sellers but had no luck.


Of course a great part of the pleasure of the hobby is the hunt. Best. Dwight



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Coin is listed in Krause catalogs KM 166.1,the images black and withe was provided by Krause publication.



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