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Nepal coin set

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Hi guys , i need help i have Nepal 7 coin set VS 2013 = 1957 , but coin book doesn't have any information about it.

Is here someone who is familiar with Nepal coins pleas help or try to guide me in right direction.


Thank you Petro





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It's a bit complicated to covert years of the Nepali calendar to years of the Common Era, because new year's day does not fall on the same day in the two calendars. Because of this, any year in one calendar does not translate neatly into any year in the other calendar. The VS2013 coins are contained in the MS5 and MS6 sets of the World Coins catalogue, i.e. the sets that are dated "1956" in the catalogue. I believe that the original set is the square set made out of quality materials and the set of restruck coins (i.e. MS6) is the rectangular set made out of less expensive materials (and is much more common). That is to say, your coins are the restrikes, in my opinion.

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