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Help in valuing these coins

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I have no numismatic expertise but I'm pretty sure not a single one of these coins is worth more than £1. Sigh.

3 1960 1 Franc coins.

2 1961 1 Franc coins.

1 1964 1 Franc coin.

1 1968 1 Franc coin.

2 1968 1/2 Franc coins.

1 1964 20 Centimes coin.

1 1964 Sixpence.

1 1964 Penny.

1 1966 Peseta coin.

1 1967 20 Centimes coin.

2 1967 10 Centimes coins.

1 1968 20 Centimes coin.

1 1969 100 West African Francs coin.


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Tomtom -- I'm afraid that for the French coins you're right. None has any silver value and they're all high mintages.

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