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I'd like to know the realistic value for a Canadian coin set from 1984.

It is a special set with *first and best coins struck from a pair of dies".


By the way, can someone tell me please the english term for such coins - in Germany it's called

"Erstabschlag" but could not find a translation yet.


Thanks Toni



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First day issue sounds good. I looked around in the net and mayby there is no specific english term for it. I only found gradings like MS-xx or GEM UNC concerning the condition of an UNC coin but not the way it was produced or handled. In Germany there is also the term "handgehoben" - that means that the coin was taken away from the dies by hand with gloves. This gives potentially a coin with MS-70. If you hit such a coin with a hammer, it is still "handgehoben" but no MS-70 anymore.

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This is a "Specimen Set".


In Canadian coin grading, they are assigned SP- grades (as opposed to MS- or PF- grades).

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