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1696 Evasion Token - NO BE BGTA

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I have found this Evasion Token,

I have 2 questions


1 - I do not manage reading the name of the engraver

Could you help me ?

Is it BACHALL ? ( Name read on the neck of king )

Or who else ?



2 - the date is : 1696 not good with George III or who is it ?




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When posting my post was scrambled & this warning appeared, deleted post & reposted it.

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Halfpenny #308 Bust, left GOD SAVE THE KING


16 96

The king is George II or III(take your pick, I'd go with III), just silly date & legend like many evasives, which ensured they would not be confused with real regal-coinage, thereby removing any danger of counterfeiting charges being laid.

Probably by Thomas Bagnall(1781-1830/), die-sinker, die-stamper, piercer and toy-maker of Birmingham, later London, here is one of my medals by Bagnall.



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