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XVIII century Russian copper overstrikes: From Peter I cross 5 kopecks to Paul I recoening of 4 kopecks back into 2 with Cathrine II monogram dies.

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I didn't touch the gold or silver, there are lot's of over-strikes there too.

Here is an interesting 1 kopeck on 5-crusiform kopecks (cut down to fit):


  • post-14788-131911638513_thumb.jpg
  • post-14788-131911643341_thumb.jpg

I'll keep in mind the Iran using Russian 2 kopek coins (1810 - 1830) as planchets, that's interesting.


Also, I've heard, but not seen that on Sistroretsk mint in 1757-8 they also over-struck Swedish coins into 2 kopecks... If you know any examples, please share...


Here is one silver overstrike I love:



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Famous Igors ruble

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Here are a couple of interesting overstrikes, the second one is especially for you gxseries:



Clear F-G



1 Kopeck from ORE.

Hi Eugene, the 2kop1793EM is just wonderful. Is it yours? I think it must be a novodel? Struck over the 5 kopek rather than over the 4 kopek?

:drool: Sigi



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Indeed, it is a unique novodel overstrike. That's a reason why I did not include it in the article, in spite of it being so damn beautiful! Alas, I can only dream about a coin of this caliber. It went through the auctions some years ago, I don't even remember now where... Well done, Sigi, for spotting! I didn't spot it was from 5 k at first.






scans from Winkler.

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Prototype for design of averse of Denga 1730 was daler 1718:


...one of prototypes of for 1762 series was another daler 1718 (second on picture):



Another coin that was later designed in a similar way was III Pfening:

post-25043-0-71083900-1363268224_thumb.j --> post-27191-0-83781500-1403758014_thumb.j

Or was it based on denga?

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Also, what has happened to 1718 Dalers?


They were over-struck into 1 ОRЕ 1719-1721:

post-27191-0-29248100-1403758897_thumb.j post-27191-0-09686500-1403758927_thumb.j

What happened to 1 ОRЕ 1719-1721 later, I don't know. Where they overstruck further, or were their melter down? I can not find 1/2 ORE of the 1740s issue, and if they are none-existent were the 1 ORE made from dalers destroyed?


Some of the 1 ОRЕ of the next issue (1740s type, twice as heavy as 1719th type) were used as source of copper for 1 kopecks in 1757-59 (overstruck).


If we talk about continuity, 2 ОRЕ that were used for minting 2 kopecks were overstruck into 1 skilling later on:


...1 ОRЕ into 1/2 skilling:


Interesting to know the fate of 1 ORE that was over-struck from emergency dalers... There are also 1/4 of skillings in 1803, that would be around the weight of dallers, but I didn't see them with signs of over-strikes... Any ideas, or may be you know? Please share... ;)

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