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Swiss coins trouble with information

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Im new to this amazing hobby..

And especially error coins.


I have a "1939 B 20 Rappen" from Switzerland.


The C of Confoederatio looks to be not doubled, Quadrupled!


The error effects all the letters of this word only. But the C on the very tips you can see four clear impressions.

I have heard about doubled dies. Die chattering. Also exists other 1939B with errors.

But wondered if any anyone can explain about such errors where 4 individual impressions are visible of one denomination.


This coin appears to be in good condition.Having researched a little about whats on offer.

It seems quite difficult to obtain clear concise information on swiss coins and grading and mint errors.

One of the joys of collecting world coins!!!


Is this year of coins actually a "key date" "1939 B 20 Rappen??"

And what affect would this error have the coins "Market value"


Unfortunately I cannot at present upload a photo.

When i can I will.



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Here is my best effort at getting a close up.

The original image I have here when you zoom in the duplication is clear.

It also looks to affect every letter of this word only.


I hope you can see it clearly after uploaded.

Many thanks in advance!




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For taking the picture I'm using a x45 microscope.

My camera isn't up to the task really.

Any advice for taking better pictures alike.



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