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1994 100$ Singapore 1oz 0.9999 Gold coin

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Hi there everyone!


i'm new to this board, and i'm about to start delving into my long forgotten coin collection, so will be appearing from time to time, very nice to meet you all


But first a quick question reguarding this particular coin:




I'm looking to convert it into something much nicer and i already know a few places where i could "cash it in" as such for a good price.


I was just wondering from the coin collectors forums view, would this be a terrible thing to do? since it would be melted down, or would it be worth more to a collector?


i have no idea if it's particullally rare or not


Thanks very much all!

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Being a bullion coin, there's no reason for anyone to melt it down - any buyer would likely just re-sell it as a bullion piece.

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