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Coin advice please

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I have attached a list of coins. I have a few more I am unable to identify (have enjoyed trying though) Would like to sell in future but got boggle eyed by options i.e dealers, collectors, auction etc.... suggestions please with pros and cons would be appreciated. Must say best history lesson I have ever had researching them.


Queen Victoria 1837-1901

One penny 1900

One penny 1899 x 2

One penny 1896 x 2

One penny 1863 x 1

Half penny – not read date

One penny 1862

Farthing 1895

King Edward VII 1901 – 1910

One penny 1902 x 3

Half penny 1908? X 1

Farthing 1902 x 1

Farthing 1908 x 1

King George V 1910 – 1936

One penny 1936 x 2

One penny 1935

One penny 1934

Half penny 1935

Half penny 1920

Half penny 1919

Half penny 1916

Farthing 1918 x 1

Farthing 1920 x 3

Farthing 1926 x 1

Farthing 1927 x 1

Farthing 1928 x 1

King George VI 1936 – 1952

Farthing 1947 x 1

Farthing 1946 x 2

Farthing 1944 x 1

Farthing 1943 x 1

Farthing 1941 x 2

Farthing 1940 x 2

Farthing 1939 x 1

Farthing 1937 x 2

One penny 1946

One penny 1938 x 2

One penny 1937 x 2

Half penny 1952

Half penny 1949

Half penny 1947 x 2

Half penny 1945

Half penny 1944

Half penny 1943 x 2

Half penny 1940

Half penny 1937

Three pence 1952

Three pence 1937 x 2


Queen Elizabeth II 1952 - present day

One penny 1964

One penny 1962 x 4

One penny 1961

Half penny 1964

Half penny 1962

Half penny 1959

Half penny 1956

Three pence 1954

Three pence 1953

One shilling 1955

One shilling 1953

One fourth shilling – Jersey 1964

Sixpence 1955 x 1

Sixpence 1964 x 1

Plus 2 tokens (think at mo) 1851 WJ Taylor

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Hello and welcome.


From the list, there isn't any piece that is particularly scarce - if they are all typical / average circulated pieces, then the total value would be very modest, and many dealers would probably decline to purchase as such.


If any of the earlier pieces are in high grade, then it may be worthwhile to sell individually on an online auction if you are able to take good macro pictures.

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p.s ScottO I have just looked at your links - I have a couple of those 20p's with date only on head side - I can understand how intriguing this collecting is, you never know what you will see next.

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As advised your coins are all very common and only worth anything in UNC.

20p's with date one side are worth 20p.

Even the dateless 20p's are now only £40 and I expect this will be £40 for the next 25 years....they are vastly over rated and not a good investment.

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