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Florida United Numismatists (The FUN Show) 57th Annual FUN Convention

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Victory Bullion mentioned the 57th Annual FUN Convention - Jan. 5-8, 2012 in the Numismatic Events Forum However, the address in his post was incorrect which spurred me to join your forum to provide the correct data for this years FUN Show!


The FUN Show would like to extend a warm welcome to ALL the members of the Coin People forum!


This year we have made it our mission to expand the social networking aspect of Florida United Numismatists (aka The FUN Show). We believe “communication” is key to building a good relationship between FUN, its members, our convention guests and of course our exhibitors on the bourse floor. FUN Members and Convention guests now have three new social networking sites providing detailed information about our FUN conventions.


Fun_Forums on LiveJournal is FUN’s interactive “community” journaling site. It was created to provide up to the minute information/updates on the FUN Show, and answer questions from our members and convention guests. In addition, it keeps our members current on all things “numismatic” while acting as a memory book sharing videos and pictures from all things “FUN”. As a FUN “community” anyone can join and create journal entries to share numismatic news and comment on same. FUN Forums Blog


Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Please follow us on Twitter @FUN_Convention for the latest news within the FUN Show community. FUN_Convention On Twitter


FUN Convention TV (our YouTube Channel) Offers the latest videos from the FUN Conventions. Subscribe to our channel and get FUN Facts, Fast! Or share your treasures with our FUN You Tube family. FUN Convention TV


These sites allow us to publicize exciting appearances and events at our upcoming conventions, while creating a dialog between FUN and the coin community at large. We also gain valuable feedback from FUN Members and convention guests alike. FUN strives to improve each year. So please consider sharing your FUN Show experiences on our new blog FUN_Forums.


Open Lines Of Communication Don't want to create a LJ? LiveJournal also offers you the ability to post and comment using your credentials from other external sites, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


UNITY! Bringing FUN Member(s), convention guests and fellow numismatics together is what it's all about! Please consider giving back to FUN by sharing your time, talent and knowledge today.


57th Annual FUN Convention


I just wanted to take a moment to officially invite all of you to this year’s 57th Annual FUN Convention. If I can be assistance to you, please let me know. You will find a complete schedule of events on our blog FUN_forums on Live Journal. I have provided links to the newest convention information below. Please feel free to wander over and check it out.


F.U.N. Convention 2012 Schedule Of Events


There are plenty of educational seminars this year. And FUN's educational seminars are always free to the public. So why not plan your day ahead of time by Clicking the link below to review the topics.

2012 F.U.N. Educational Programs


Be sure to explore our exhibit area, or participate in the Exhibit Judges’ Certification Course. You will find more information on our blog.

Exhibit Judges’ Certification Course Offered @ The 2012 FUN Convention


Once again, Dennis Boggs a Lincoln Impersonator will walk the floor entertaining convention guests.


Mr. Michael Bean will be on the bourse floor with his Spider Press. Michael is retired from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and owns a Spider Press that was used in the late 1800’s by the BEP. He will be giving demonstrations on the use of the Spider Press. In addition, to raffling off some intaglio prints twice each day.


Piedmont Gold Panners: will be there on the bourse floor with their panning for gold exhibit. So bring the kids and try your hand at panning for gold.


Heritage Coin Auctions is the official auction company for the FUN Show. Heritage conducts the world's foremost numismatic auctions at every FUN convention. So be sure to check out the various auctions taking place during FUN.

US Coins & Platinum Night FUN Signature Auction- Auction #1166, Heritage Currency Auction, Duckor Collection, Platinum Night 2 & more

Heritage Coin Auctions @ FUN


If any of you have additional questions. I will be happy to answer them. If I cannot assist you I will direct you to someone who can help you. Once again, we look forward to having you at the FUN Show.



FUN_Forums Moderator

FUN Forums (FUN Show Blog)

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Just wanted to offer an update:


Disney Theme Park Discounts Are Available to FUN Conventioneers Check out this post for more details: Disney Theme Park Discounts


Also for FUN Member Dealers On Our Bourse Floor


(F)antastic (U)nusual (N)umismatic

Tell Us What You Have AT YOUR Booth! What's The Most Fabulous Thing At Your Booth?


Hope to see Everyone At FUN!

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One of these days

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