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Salvation Army - Mysterious Donor Strikes Again

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The MYsterious Donor Strikes again



Gold coin dropped into Fort Myers Salvation Army kettle

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The Associated Press

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- An anonymous donor has dropped a $20 gold coin into a kettle belonging to the Southwest Florida Salvation Army.


It's the seventh straight year someone has dropped the coin into donation pots with a note that reads, "In loving memory of Mimi."


The Fort Myers News Press (http://lb.vg/EB49Y) reports the coin has been valued at approximately $1,400 in past years.


The red kettle campaign gives thousands of gifts and food baskets through its Christmas Cheer program.




Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/06/2533600/gold-coin-dropped-into-fla-salvation.html#ixzz1ftuqq0O9

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Wonderful! Do we want to know who he is?

I think it's a mystery that we should just leave alone. If he wanted publicity for it, he would make out a big check and contact the news. Whoever's behind it probably has his reasons for secrecy and this is the way he wants it done -- and furthermore, understands the power of legend. I strongly doubt we'd have even local coverage of "Man writes $1500 check to Salvation Army", much less regional or national. And I suspect identifying him would end the annual donation, and no one wants that.

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