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New website on Roman Republican coins

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I have just launched a major new website on Roman Republican coins which you may find interesting




The site includes a history of Roman Republican coinage and numismatics, newly written, and organised into 35 short sections, spread over ten webpages, and with links to all the related coins.


There are 1,350 different Republican coins pictured on the website, making it the largest online Roman Republican coinage database, and one of the largest ever published in any medium. The coins are organised into 35 sets matching the write-ups. They are arranged in a proper historical and chronological manner according to Crawford




except for the coins of 70-50BC where the Mesagne hoard dating is used.




Every coin is different and properly described. Hundreds of these coin types, mainly rare bronze types or early silver with symbols, cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. The coins are continually being added to, and should soon reach 1,500 types.


Many friends have permitted me to quote their work on the website.


Abridged versions of Professor Buttrey's important work on Morgantina and the date of the denarius




as well as his study of the Pompey Pietas denarii




Phil Davis has shared texts on Cornufucius



and on Dacian imitations of Republican denarii




Mark Passehl has contributed a complete article on the coins of the Aemilii Lepidi.




Richard Shaefer and Richard Witschonke have provided contributions on new coins published in the Goodman collection




and on the arrangement of the pre-denarius coinage




Additionally there are many new contributions from my own keyboard, scattered at various points on the website. These cover a diverse range of subjects. For example I reproduce many of the best plates from one of the greatest 16th century numismatic books, with engravings that are miniature works of art as great as the coins they illustrate.




Some thoughts on the early denarius coinage,




a lot of information about rarity and rare coins




Grueber's footnotes,




the Mesagne hoard




and a host of other ramblings crop up from place to place. In the sections on the history of RR coinage there is a special focus on numismatic techniques, for example the process used to sort out the pre-denarius coinage issues, or, for later coins, how hoards are combined with historical research on magistracies to arrive at dating. This may be interesting even to students of other coinage eras.


The original focus on coin books remains, but has been greatly expanded. Many new books have been reviewed and existing reviews have been revised and expanded. I now include quite complete listings (with some reviews) of articles from the Celator and Numismatic Chronicle




as well as a number of other numismatic journals. Many other areas also have expanded coverage.


My page on Roman Republican bronze rarities is still here:




It is my intent to regularly add material to the website, and I have already a list of new material to be added. The contents list of the website is so long that I cannot really summarise it here.





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syzygy    0
I have just launched a major new website on Roman Republican coins which you may find interesting



Thanks much for this. I browsed a bit and it appears that there is a great deal of scholarly work there...a definite bookmark!

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