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Shariq Khan

George VI - One Rupee - 1945 - India

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i found this specimen, either a contemporary imitation or a pattern:




India, British India, George VI, Lahore mint, 1945 AD.,

white metal Rupee (30 mm / 10,46 g), security edge, pattern or contemporary imitation?

Obv.: KING GEORGE VI EMPEROR , his bust facing left.

Rev.: ONE / RUPEE / INDIA / - 1945 - // L , Lotus/"Kamal" above and 7 other flowers in ornament around; beneath, mint mark "L" for the Lahore mint.

cf. KM 557 .


Critical rupee changes resulted in the rupee due to the steep rise in the price of silver owing to World War II and inflation. Original specimens weight 11,66 g and have a silver content reduced to 50% due to the costs of World War II. As silver coins were being melted down, nickel coins were introduced and the first nickel rupee was introduced in1946. The last silver rupee was struck in 1945 after which the rupee was struck in nickel and then in cupronickel.


The coin shows significant wear from circulation as it is somewhat softer than silver - but not as lead. It also has the characteristic security edge!


Additional information and other opinions appreciated!



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I recall seeing reference somewhere, possibbly in Remick, of the counterfeit coins with security edge. I just weighted my 1940 rupee (shown below) and it is showing 11.7 gr. Possibly off metal strike?



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