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a bunch of old coins for sale

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here is a list of some coins that i have and looking to sell, they have the asking price next to them. if your interested or need some pics you can PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com



1825 bust half dollar EF-40 $115

1868 nickel 3 cent coin. VG-8 $17

1909 Barber half VF-20 $70

1938-D buffalo nickel PCGS MS-66 $80

1935 Washington quarter PCGS MS-65 $125

1902 barber half $10

1908 barber half $10

1899 barber half $12

1906-O barber half in Fine condition $30

1839 bust half in Fine condition $80

1853 half dime(with arrows) G-4 $16

1920 buffalo nickels 2 for $2

1854 large cent in XF-45 $65

1837 bust dime VG-8 $30

mercury dimes $1.50 each: 1920,1920,1923

silver War nickels $1.25 each: 1944P, 1942P

1951 Washington quarter $3.50

1968 50% silver Canadian dimes $1 each.

V nickels $1.20 each. they are all in good condition and have readable dates.

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