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Medals 1400-1900, Modern,Contemporary Art Medals. Making of, etc.

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V&A Medal Collection Link Loads of information on the methods of medal making and many fine medals.


Wax.jpg 12422-large.jpg 'Cardinal Christopher Widman'

Wax relief

Johann Jakob Kornmann (died 1649)

Italy (Rome)

About 1648

Wax, on painted copper

Museum no. A.32-1932

Given by Dr Sir G.F. Hill


This relief is a preliminary sketch for a medal. Once the client had approved the wax, the artist would go on to make the medal.


12423_large.jpg12423-large.jpg 'Cardinal Christopher Widman'


Johann Kornmann (died 1649)

Italy (Rome)



Museum no. 385-1906

Given by Max Rosenheim FSA, through the National Art Collections Fund


The finished medal differs from a wax model, presumably because the client or sitter asked for certain changes

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great site, I have always wanted to try and make a model but it is so hard to sculpt details so damn small :ninja:

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