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Found 48 results

  1. For sale: Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1855 silver 60.00 euros Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1858 silver 60.00 euros Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1865 silver 80.00 euros Sorry I can't attach photos (why???!!!!!). If you interested in any of these coins please PM and I will send photos to your email address.
  2. For sale: Solomon Islands KM#40 10 Dollars First Lunar Vehicle with astronaut 1992 silver 0.925 / 31,47 g. proof 30.00 euros Gambia KM#36 20 Dalasis Rendezvous in Space 1993 silver 0.925 / 31,47 g. proof 30.00 euros
  3. Huge number of ancients

    Got a huge number of ancients to put up on my Ebay store.
  4. Hi Guys! Does anyone know much about 5oz silver china medals?? There is an auction at Stacks&Bowers tomorrow, Tuesday 17th at 9AM and I'm about to bid on these lots: 6192. 1985 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL NGC PROOF https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AMGU 6193, 6194 - the same 6195. 1986 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-69 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ3G 6196, 6197 - the same 6198. 1987 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-67 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ43 6199. 1987 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-69 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ11 6200 - the same Specially this one! 6202. 1988 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-69 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ2M 6203. 1988 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-68 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AMHV Tell me what do you guys think? I heard the last two are pretty rare.. is that true? What resource is the best to use to find out additional info on these?
  5. I picked up these two greek coins from an estate sale recently. I'm trying to identify exactly what they are. This one is a silver stater coin from Phaistos from what I have found online. Looks like it is Talos on one side and a cretan bull on the other side. It weighs 10.5 grams with the bezel. I am planning on having it tested, does anyone know what the alloy breakdown should be if it is authentic?? Any information would be amazing! Thanks!!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, was wondering if anyone can help me get more information on those French Royal coins that I found while metal detecting in Canada. They were in the same hole but seem to be of different periods. I believe one is of Charles VIII (1490's?), an other looks a bit strange as seems to be double struck (Louis XV?), and the 3rd one I'm not familiar with. Thank you.
  7. Hello group, I'm new. Thanks in advance for the help! I'm an amateur collector, lots of coins and books but not many with real numismatic value. In 1983 I purchased a sealed bag of 90% silver quarters, $500 face value. The cloth bag has "U.S. Bank" printed on it and what looks like a lead, crimped seal. The seal looks like it has white paint on it with 3 raised letters that are hard to make out. Looks like "NOC" or "NGC". The bank bag looked several years old when I bought it, perhaps from the 1970's. Many times I have been tempted to open it but resisted so far. My questions: Would a sealed bag from that period likely to have had the "good ones" culled out? Did banks just bag up 90% silver? Would this bag be of more value to a collector if I did not open it? To open, or not to open? That is the question. Thanks! Larry
  8. Hey Guys! Me and my dad don't talk much, but.......... together we've collected coins for the past 20+ years Does anyone know how I can get some of the coins valued??? I heard amazing things about this site, let me know if you can help. Peace out Jay
  9. Silver 1976 penny

    Hey, new here. I have a 1976 British 1 pence coin that is silver instead of bronze. It looks like any other penny in every way except for colour, It is definitely not painted or coated. I've looked online for anything similar and came across this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1201445/Grandmothers-rare-silver-1p-piece-net-thousands.html My coin looks exactly like the one in that link. Is the article a load of bs or do i have a coin worth a lot of money? I can't upload photos now, but can tomorrow. Does anyone know anything about this particular coin? Thanks
  10. Osmanic Silver Coin

    Hello Members of Coinpeople.com. I am very happy to have you guys for any information about coins. So I recently have found some kind of Turkish Silver Coin and I know that it weigh somewhere aroud 33 to 35 grams but I dont know is it worth something, how old it is? I would be very grateful if you enlighten me a little ))
  11. For sale: Germany--Bavaria 1 thaler 1768 silver Price ... 95,00 EUR // or 105,00 USD
  12. For sale: Azerbaijan 50 Manat 500th Ann Mehemmed Fuzuli/ Deer by man 1996 silver BU Price .... 65,00 EUR // or 70,00 USD
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0F27-4IppF-rNPAUBM3zw https://coincombinat.wordpress.com/blog/
  14. Grading 2016 Kangaroo

    With this being a first yr issue is this it good idea to have the coin graded?
  15. Australian Kangaroo

    So i just ordered a roll of the 2016 Australian Kangaroo! Not really for the investment but i like that it's a First Yr Issue and .9999 silver.
  16. CCE thoughts

    I know a guy that purchases off CCE and i was thinking about doing some purchasing through him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  17. Silver bullion

    What are some of the better buys you guys are seeing on silver bullion? Wait times??
  18. Moy signed silver eagles

    I've recently seen several different options on graded silver. The Moy signature silver eagles have really caught my eye but have a crazy high price on the PCGS price guide. Now i've gotten some really good deals on the coins but never pay close to price guide value. What are your thoughts/opinions??
  19. Two silver dollars

    Hi! I have two silver dollars from 1879 and 1798 im very curious about them.Are they real or fake?Do they actually worth something?
  20. Hello. Can anyone help identify this large medallion? I've searched, but can find nothing like it on the web. Can't quite read the sterling hallmark.
  21. The Kennedy "S" Proof Collection

    Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  22. Morning, I recently bought a small collection of Pre-WWII and WWII banknotes and coins from a small militaria shop near to where I live. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me more information on the notes/coins, as I purchased them specifically because of the dates they were printed/minted. If someone could give me more information or even a value I will be very grateful. I have graded the notes as honestly and fairly as possible. I bought all of it for £10, and quickly bought them home and put it all into protective sleeves and cases. As I walked in he had just bought a suitcase with it all in, and that is probably why I got it for a 'tenner', as he was more interested in the uniforms and medals. The set consists of 21 notes and 4 coins, and are as followed: Banknotes Tien (10) Gulden (Princess Emma (Old Woman) Rembrandt Version) - Dated 20 June 1940 - Very Fine (One edge has a fold on it) Tien (10) Gulden (Blue Version) - Dated 4 February 1943 (Series 2) - Very Fine 2 Een (1) Gulden (Red Version - Both Dated 4 February 1943 (Series 2) - Fine/Very Fine (Light folds on one of the notes) Een (1) Gulden - Dated 1 October 1938 (Series BX) - Very Good (Paper is very thin in the middle though) 4 Funfzig Pfennig (1/2 Mark) - Dated Serie 1944 (Allied Military Authority) - Very Fine/Good (Three are in very good condition, but one is quite dirty) Eine (1) Rentenmark - Dated Serie 1944 (Allied Military Authority) - Very Fine (Nice colour and one fold along one corner) Eine (1) Rentenmark - Dated 30 January 1937 - Very Fine (Best note of the lot, brilliant colour and no folds/pin holes) Bwei (2) Rentenmark - Dated 30 January 1937 - Very Fine (One fold down the middle) (Belgian) Cinq (5) Francs - Dated 1 February 1943 - Fine - (Has a dirty mark on the top right corner) (Belgian) Dix (10) Francs - Dated 1 February 1943 - Very Fine (Has no marks or folds, but paper is a little dirty) (Belgian) Vinght (20) Francs - Dated 23 January 1943 - Good (The worst note of the lot, good colour, but has dirty marks round most of the edge, and has many folds, no tears though) (French) Deux (2) Francs - Dated Serie De 1944 - Very Good (French) Cinq (5) Francs - Dated Serie De 1944 - Good ( No rips/holes but is quite grubby) 2 (French) Cinq (5) Francs - Dated 2 June 1943 - Very Good/Fine (Both notes are a bit grubby with a minor fold down the middle) (French) Dix (10) Francs - Dated 2 February 1939 - Good (Colour is nice, but one major rip along the top border cuts a little into the design) (French) Vingt (20) Francs - Dated 28 January 1943 - Very Good (Tiny rip on top border, does not go into the design though) Coins 5 (Silver) Reichmark (with Swastika) - Dated 1938 - Great condition, no signs of cleaning/tarnish/damage 5 (Silver) Reichmark (with Eagle & 2 small Swastika) - Dated 1935 - Very Good condition, has the Potsdam Garrison Church on the back 2 (Part-Silver) Reichmark (with Swastika) - Dated 1937 - Very good condition, shows signs of circulation 10 (Iron) Stadt Duren - Dated 1918 - Brilliant condition, considering it is Iron, there is not rust/damage/tarnish
  23. http://imgur.com/yY8KZIa Its between 1/2oz-1 oz (closer to 1 oz, i can weigh it tonight). I got it probably 15 years ago at a coin shop in LA. I was young so i don't remember what the price was, or what it was labeled as. I would love some more information on it, but my goggling attempts have got me nowhere. It came in a terrible blue display case with no identification of any type. I assumed i could find something right away because it is not some generic coin. It has a fairly specific message on the obverse and reverse. That has not been the case. I would also assume it at least has to do with TIME magazine declaring him the man of the decade in 1990. That has still lead me no where though.
  24. I have a very complicated case, maybe you could help me to find answers. I have a commemorative silver 5 Euro coin issued this year in original round plastic capsule. Coin was issued by national bank in Proof (!) quality and issue limit was 10 000 coins. National bank informed collectors that design of this coin will contain 3 national flags that will be in colours. There are no other designs- just this one with 3 flags in colours. Coin I bought from national bank was with error in its design- 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag were missing (colour is missing on 22.2% of surface where it should have been)... It is 100% sure that there are no pieces of fell-off colour in the round plastic capsule and this capsule is for 100% in the same condition national bank sold it to me. Nobody has ever opened or made any changes to it or coin! At the place, where should be colours of 3rd flag, there is nothing: no dots of colour, no scratches, no dust, no traces of chemicals (cleaners or something), nothing. Just silver. I think this error was made in mint and somehow passed all quality tests for coin to be called Proof (!) in mint and national bank and was sold to collector- me. (Sometime people don't see simple things that are in front of their eyes...) I informed national bank about this situation and they gave me an answer that this is an error and there should not be coins with 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag missing. National bank also confirmed that this is the only case known. Due to the fact that none of the collectors I know have ever seen or heard anything about this type of error, I started to search on internet. I wasn't able to find any information about this kind of errors... I hope you can give me some ideas about my case. I wanted to understand: 1) Is this kind of error (not fully coloured elements in Proof (!) coins) considered to be rare between Proof (!) dollars, euros, pounds, rubles etc.? 2) Is this kind of error collectable? 3) Is this kind of error considered to be more valuable than typical errors (broadstrikes, off-centers, double strikes in collars, off-metals etc.)? 4) Are there known worldwide examples between Proof (!) dollars, euros, pounds, rubles etc. with this kind of mint error? (for example- coin with American flag missing blue colour; coin with colibri bird with wings left silver white etc.) All this situation is something completely new for me. I have never ever before read so many articles about coin errors than during last 7 days. Thank you very much for your time and answers! Have a good day!