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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I found a coin or token says 1926- it looks very fake but its certain not silver reproduction. Anyone know what is? It say" Proletariats unite" and Nopaine could I get help? Купил монету из yardsale в прошлой неделе. Исследования ничего не находят. говорит: "пролетарии объединяются" выглядит фальшиво, но я не знаю. Coin
  2. Hi all, I have a “coin” which I presume is a fake. It is a Russian Grivna Plate Money of 1727. It measures about 62mm x 66mm and weighs about 167 grams. It is uniface (although there are a few fine lines near two of the edges on the back) with the standard frontal design of some plate money.It is in superb condition with no real sign of actual use. I say that “I presume” it to be a fake as it just looks too good to be true and I am not usually fortunate enough to find a genuine Grivna for my collection. There is no real provenance as the previous owner had no real information on it. I would appreciate your help in confirming that it is or is not a fake and the reasons for same. If it were to be found genuine it would go into my collection. If a fake would you advise me as to the probable sale value of being sold as a fake. All the best, Col Davidson.
  3. Hello guys! Can you please give me your opinion what would be the value on this coin? 1856 EM Russia 1/2K NGC AU 58 BN
  4. Hello guys! Can you help me with this medal please? How many where minted in this variant(no dot after1855),catalog price etc. The medal is 28mm diameter and 10,1 grams. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
  5. Hi everybody. http://www.russiancoin.com is my website where I'm starting to sell mainly duplicates of Russian Coins in my collection. There's not too much there at the moment but I plan to keep adding. The business scope may expand in the future to allow others to list their russian coins for sale but that will take some thought (suggestions welcome). Best, Steve
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