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Found 24 results

  1. 4 years of research on more than 11000 specimens of the most mysterious currency of the 21st century. The currency struck in Finland in 2002 at 70,000,000 copies with the letter (s) on behalf of Greece. This 2 euro coin has managed to divide many collectors and valuers. It is a mystery that small and big mistakes were found between coins from the same matrix and the same mint in our great research we have found up to now 3 coins with the most weird and big mistakes and we present them to you .... stay connected The investigation continues
  2. 4 years of research on more than 11000 specimens of the most mysterious currency of the 21st century. The currency struck in Finland in 2002 at 70,000,000 copies with the letter (s) on behalf of Greece. This 2 euro coin has managed to divide many collectors and valuers. It is a mystery that small and big mistakes were found between coins from the same matrix and the same mint in our great research we have found up until now 3 coins with the most weird and big errors and we present them take a look the 2 of them... stay connected The investigation continues
  3. 1 pound bank note with serial error >> Ebay link for 1 pound note with error <<
  4. Hello, I have recently received this 2018 Cumberland Island quarter and think I have found an error or post mint damage. I want to hear other people’s options about this. The first picture is the Cumberland Island Quarter with the border running through the date. The second picture is a regular 2018 quarter. Thanks
  5. Recent acqusition of Proof coin shows distorted/garbled designer's initials. Appears a mint error which not found anywhere in the Web Shall appreciate comments/opinions
  6. It seems to be a 2009 D penny...I’m curious on the type of error or errors this has, also its value roughly. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  7. The thin gold line appears to be inside the penny transparent?
  8. 2008 Lincoln error letters above date
  9. Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and have some questions about this 1983 P Quarter. Recently I was searching some change in my car and came across a possible spitting eagle. Is it a scratch or an error? Thoughts would be great! -CoinCollector8
  10. Hello, Thank you for adding me. I am a newbie. I don't know what to think about this 1919 Lincoln Penny. Thoughts?
  11. Found this coin with a circular dent around the "D" mintmark (1984 D US Penny). Is it possible that this is an error coin of some kind? Dent is symmetrical in depth and width. Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality. http://imgur.com/iBjoU2U http://imgur.com/bKaHks7
  12. Need help. Are thes error coins? Error coins 1. 1943 I KGVI Commissioners of Currency Malaya. 1 Cent Double? is it normal?
  13. Heritage is auctioning the weirdest error coin I've ever seen -- and if I had the scratch, it's weird enough to get even non-error-collecting me to bid on it: a US dime struck on a 6d nail. I mean, seriously. The images are well worth a look (and they won't let me embed them here anyway).
  14. the number 9 on this coin is flat and barely visible is this an error and would it be a rare find ?
  15. I'm wondering if anyone can help me; I have 3 1986 £2 coins. sorry if I waffle on a bit at this point... From what I have read on a website (http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/dec2p.html) .... "As the edge inscriptions are stamped on the edge of blank coins before striking, they can (and do) appear either way up in theoretically equal quantities". This is where I need help on two of my coins the writing is one way and on the third the writing is the other way upBUT on the third coin not only is the writing the other way up from the first two it reads/spelt differently from the first two... 1st two coins: XIII COMMONWEALTH GAMES SCOTLAND 1986 + The third coin: XIII COMMONWEALTHGAMES SCOTLAND 1986 + Can you help or offer advice in this matter? Kelly
  16. I have a very complicated case, maybe you could help me to find answers. I have a commemorative silver 5 Euro coin issued this year in original round plastic capsule. Coin was issued by national bank in Proof (!) quality and issue limit was 10 000 coins. National bank informed collectors that design of this coin will contain 3 national flags that will be in colours. There are no other designs- just this one with 3 flags in colours. Coin I bought from national bank was with error in its design- 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag were missing (colour is missing on 22.2% of surface where it should have been)... It is 100% sure that there are no pieces of fell-off colour in the round plastic capsule and this capsule is for 100% in the same condition national bank sold it to me. Nobody has ever opened or made any changes to it or coin! At the place, where should be colours of 3rd flag, there is nothing: no dots of colour, no scratches, no dust, no traces of chemicals (cleaners or something), nothing. Just silver. I think this error was made in mint and somehow passed all quality tests for coin to be called Proof (!) in mint and national bank and was sold to collector- me. (Sometime people don't see simple things that are in front of their eyes...) I informed national bank about this situation and they gave me an answer that this is an error and there should not be coins with 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag missing. National bank also confirmed that this is the only case known. Due to the fact that none of the collectors I know have ever seen or heard anything about this type of error, I started to search on internet. I wasn't able to find any information about this kind of errors... I hope you can give me some ideas about my case. I wanted to understand: 1) Is this kind of error (not fully coloured elements in Proof (!) coins) considered to be rare between Proof (!) dollars, euros, pounds, rubles etc.? 2) Is this kind of error collectable? 3) Is this kind of error considered to be more valuable than typical errors (broadstrikes, off-centers, double strikes in collars, off-metals etc.)? 4) Are there known worldwide examples between Proof (!) dollars, euros, pounds, rubles etc. with this kind of mint error? (for example- coin with American flag missing blue colour; coin with colibri bird with wings left silver white etc.) All this situation is something completely new for me. I have never ever before read so many articles about coin errors than during last 7 days. Thank you very much for your time and answers! Have a good day!
  17. So, I recently found a Canadian loonie with what I believe to be a mint made error. It appears as though after the loonie was made, it was put through the machine that makes toonies. I wonder if anyone might know anything about it, or know what it's value might be? Thanks for any help!
  18. Nicaragua 200 Cordoba polymer note discovery At the local flea/collector’s market last Friday, I was offered the following nine polymer partly printed Nicaragua 200 Polymer notes. It is impossible to tell whether they are the 2009 original issues or the 2012 reprints. I have to add that this market is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the vendor was not a local. I was told that these notes were salvaged from a waste paper treating facility. I know that in the past, quite a large number of currency notes including high denominations were found in these places – there are several in Indonesia. Due to generally very low unskilled wages, many people here are drawn to sift through paper and other waste in order to source items of value. It seems that, at first glance, the notes look similar; there are differences in the amount of times these items have been through the printing procedure. These are made using the Guardian method as mentioned on the Innovia Security website. Most of the security features appear to be absent except that some but not all notes possess “shadow images” or “iridescent features”(I don’t know how to tell them apart). For further comment, I will now download the images: This is the only example that I have without the signature of the president of BCN. The back of the note is completely blank. The only one like this of the lot. Here are the other images (following after this message): Many images printed on back. Note is one of two where the print includes the margin with plate number. Other side again showing plate number. As top example but far less details printed. Similar to previous. Other side has far less printing. More examples: Cut as per normal note Cut as per normal note Raised features with “200” and flower like symbol above signature Similar Several of these were contained in the lot. Appears correctly cut. Another type with more items printed. The most complete printed note of the lot lacking the security features plus serial numbers etc.
  19. I thought I would share this dramatic grease error with everyone. It hasn't been certified, but I did show it (in person) to 2 respected dealers and they agreed there was no sign of tampering to remove the "Indian" (or last digit of date) which we collectors know, isn't an Indian at all, but rather, Liberty with a headdress on. I am debating on sending this in for authentication or just listing it for sale in its raw state. I know grease errors don't typically demand large premiums, but this is pretty extreme.
  20. Hi, everyone . I am a brand new member, here. I have this 1940 Lincoln Cent and I'm not sure if this is an error that happened at the mint or in somebody's garage. Could these indentations have been produced at the mint? I have searched high and low and cannot find any resources citing such markings. Thanks for your help.
  21. Hi I have got 2 euro coin with rotated die. It is Germany coin, the classic one. It is original (it is not fake). Does anyone know - is it a rare coin and what can be the approximate cost of this coin. I attach the picture for reference. Best regards D.
  22. can anyone tell me how much this penny might be worth?
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