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Found 5 results

  1. Multiple $10, $50, $1, $2 bank notes. Very old. Some pre 1905. Very good condition. Can not upload image from phone as it says file too big. I can send pics or give more detailed descriptions. Sent picture to HA.com and with in 5 min they called and offered Thousands of dollars for a few old bank notes. Also have huge collection of coins (US currency). Have not even begun to scratch the surface on coins. Please help me figure out what I have found and what I should do to preserve/donate etc..
  2. Buy your high quality counterfeit/original currencies/money(USD,GBP,EUR....),SSD SOLUTIONS,ACTIVATION POWDER AND SUPER AUTOATIC MACHINE FOR NOTES CLEANING WHATSAPP....+447585676363, EMAIL.... ka.kane@yandex.com Buy your high quality counterfeit currencies/money(USD,GBP,EUR AND MORE),SSD SOLUTIONS,ACTIVATION POWDER AND SUPER AUTOATIC MACHINE FOR NOTES CLEANING ,Real and fake passports,driver's licence and id cars for sale
  3. Hi, I have a 1983 50 Kroner note in excellent condition. I know that this is no longer legal tender. Does it have any rarity value? Many thanks for any help! Regards
  4. Latin American Banknotes - Bank notes image gallery containing scans of 293 different banknotes from Central and South America.
  5. Hi everyone, this blog presents the collection of banknotes images with descriptions Pictures of Bank Notes and World Currency - Banknote Image Gallery containing scans of 877 different banknotes.
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