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Found 1 result

  1. Just to report that DNW have just sold a lot in their auction of one week ago that included two coins: - Seychelles 1977 One Rupee with Mancham obverse, evidently a trial piece not noted in catalogues. - Seychelles 1977 50c with Mancha obverse, also evidently a trial piece that is not noted in catalogues. These two piece appear of specimen quality and quite similar to the many trial pieces that have come to market in the last several years that were struck by the Kings Norton Mint in Birmingham, UK. I don't know if that is their origin however. I did an extensive internet search and was only able to find that DNW had previously in 2014 and 2015 sold similar two coin lots that appear from the photographs to be DIFFERENT coins. It is interesting to note that a common 1977 Silver collector crown was released with Mancham obverse, but otherwise no currency circulation pieces of either that denomination or any other could be found. Also interesting is that in 2014, the slightly inferior coins (compared to most recent offering) sold for 720 pounds & in 2015 the set was not really fought over and sold at 300, versus the last week sale price of 500.
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