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  1. Thanks for the info much appreciated!
  2. I am interested in any information about Foreign Coins Minted in the United States, more specifically at the Denver Mint in 1959. These are the countries that I located via Foreign Coins Manufactured at US Mints Tim Ziebarth March 2006; Haiti, El Salvador, Liberia, Panama, and Phillipines Republic. There may be more that I am not aware of. If anyone has any photos and/or decriptions of any of these type coins and doesnt mind sharing it with me it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I thought the reeding part of the striking process was also considered the third die? And the third die is also identified as the retaining collar? I thought the retaining collar was a little larger and therefore possible to have occured at this point in the process.
  4. I just registered today after reveiwing some posts on the internet. I have a 1960 D LARGE OVER SMALL REEDED CENT. The coin appears to be VF condition RD (RED)" The weight and diameter are consistent with that of a cent. But, this coin is reeded like a dime. I placed the cent on top of a 1960 D dime and the reeds appear to match that of the dime. Keep in mind that reeding is part of the striking process, and is considered the third die, and identified as the retaining collar. Does anyone have any Opinions ? Thoughts ? or Information ? that you can share with me ? I did upload a few photos to help. Thanks!
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