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  1. I posted an ad for my ebay sales on the advertising form and it is gone. In other posts my photo links are not working. What gives? For example I have this flicker image, http://www.flickr.co...tos/5199283480/ The link works fine but is broken when I past it in the image editor.
  2. Those are indeed very nice photos, and you have a terrific analytic method. I believe if you used photo rated light bulbs you could match the qualities of the sun and create pictures that would be difficult to distinguish whether the light is artificial or natural. To me the differences in your sunlight and daylight bulb photos are differences in exposure and contrast. I am guessing you are using two matching bulbs shining from opposite sides of the coin. In photography The two lights are referred to as Key and Fill. With sunlight you effectively have a strong key light with whatever bounce light creating the fill. This high key to fill ratio (say 4:1) causes nice deep shadows and detail. Your artificial lights has a low key to fill ratio (say 1:1). If you put diffusion on one of the lights and back it up a bit, I think you will find the lighting quite similar to the sunlight version. This low key ratio is the problem with scans of coins. The scanner effectively lights from all directions. I attached a photo of a high contrast detail using artificial light. For whatever reason the picture insert icon will not allow me to post my photo. I think the admin is fooling with me. http://www.flickr.co...tos/5199283480/
  3. I am stunned by the level of fantastic photography practiced on this forum. Both Bill and Russel raise coin photography to an art. I noticed that people relying on sunlight to shoot coins. And I agree that often the sun is an excellent and easy way to get good lighting. Artificial lights offer flexibility to get different looks. The introduction of full spectrum fluorescent bulbs offer continuous lighting for only $7/bulb. The advantages of artificial lights: • Controlling color temperature. As the sun sets its color temperature lowers and the coin will look more orange. • Ability to move the lights at different angles. Often a die crack or other anomaly on a coin can be emphasized by moving a light around. • Ability to get the light between the coin and the lens when the camera is very close to the coin. • Ability to control how harsh or soft the light is. A white foam core card or some nylon will allow you to soften the light to change the quality of the shadows on a coin. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/stufotos/5198874114/" title="photosetupcanon by stufoto, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4104/5198874114_e7fb403525.jpg" width="500" height="375"
  4. I am listing part of my collection of US and Canadian Coins this week on Ebay. Silver Dollars • Half Dollars Some fun items for beginning collectors. How about a rare 1924 s Buffalo Nickel starting at $9.99?
  5. Here is the detail to a 1953 Small Date 50¢ with a retained die crack near the hoof. Haven't seen one of these documented before. I have it on Ebay, starting bid $9.99 Capnbidwells Auctions
  6. That's much pessimism. I am a bit more optimistic. With the general market decline commodity prices are up. Gold and Silver are near all time highs. Coins are a great investment. People can't trust the securities and Real Estate market, what better place to go than coins? Two months ago in June I did some Ebay auctions and they did very well. I think this is a summer thing. David Hall at PCGS does a regular coin market report and he is seeing prices going up at coin auctions for the most part. I will put the video here, but if it doesn't work here is the link: http://www.pcgsblog.com/category/market-prices [object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed>[/object]
  7. I can't help think its the summertime doldrums. People just aren't hanging at their computers in the evenings. Holidays, Barbecues, family, long days all contributing to a slow ebay month. I got an email from Ebay today offering free insertion rates for the next 5 weeks. The Ebay folk must know sales are off. I am in no hurry to sell. Sunday was a test run and it failed. I have some choice Canadian Coins and can wait it out until winter, when its cold and dark and Ebay becomes welcome alternative for those who want to fill out their collection and make some investments. Thanks so much for the active interest. There is an example of a counter-intuitive result. The certified coin tanked while the raw coin came close to its value. Interestingly the 1945 got bids early. I believe the winner had it by Thursday, most of the PCGS biding came in during the closing minutes (the mark of professionals). I was going to follow up this week with some truly valuable Canadian Dollars like a 1948 and some gold but this last Sunday scared me off.
  8. I had 15 listings up on Ebay this weekend and none of them performed near as well as June's sales. These were Canadian coins. Some people got some amazing values. For example a 1947 ML 50¢ with a trend value of $150 went for $47.35. I was ready to put up more coins for the next three weeks but decided to postpone until Fall.
  9. I got some good advice from some people on another form and I understand now. The clash is triangle shaped and it is near the shoulder of the native. There is another clash near his elbow on the canoe. It is very subtle, I will try to get a photo of it and post it when I get the time.
  10. I have two Silver Dollars. The 2x2's stated they were of the Arrowhead variety that refers to a die clash. I can't find much info on them out there. Where is the Arrowhead?
  11. August is the slow time on Ebay. Great time to take advantage of a seller who put everything up at $9.99 starting price. No reserves. Just wanted everyone to know that I am selling off many interesting coins over the next few weeks on Ebay. Starting with Canadian Coins, next week will ad US, Keys, and some fun lots for beginners. Please take a look at my listings: The Captains Coin Listings Happy Bidding!
  12. Here is one I didn't see in Charlton's Its an 1881 Large Cent. The O in VICTORIA is missing the bottom.
  13. It looks to me as if someone polished it. I have a lot of polished coins. My father picked them up and I guess he couldn't tell when they were polished. He paid uncirculated prices for many of them. Interesting that Charlton doesn't mention it. I am going to put a bunch of Silver Dollars on Ebay this Sunday, July 25. Probably will list one of these in the weeks to come.
  14. Has anyone seen one of these? Any idea of the value? - its not listed in the recent Charltons.
  15. Is this a Type 5 1965 Silver Dollar? Medium Beads, Pointed 5, attached rear jewel.
  16. I find the 100k limit a pain in the butt. It means down-converting them in a two step process. First I import them out of Aperture to Photoshop. Photoshop is the only program I know that will compress a photo really well to 47k or so. Then I can bring them into CoinPeople. In this day and age there must be an inexpensive way to increase the storage a bit. Perhaps in some areas like the "museums" it would be possible to consolidate the photo files off the individual accounts and store them locally on the server. Up-loading photos to a third party service will always leave the problem of losing links. These services are constantly changing owners and links.
  17. http://tinyurl.com/3axe7lt 'Time Capsule' Cent Roll Mike Sherman - June 21, 2010 Have you ever fantasized about going back in time, and grabbing a random roll of coins and just looking through it to see what it contained? Well, such an opportunity presented itself recently when my brother called me to relate a recent experience. He's in the vintage automobile business, and while buying a collection in Topeka, Kansas, he ran across a 1928 Model A Ford Hot Rod that had been parked in a barn in 1954 by its owner (who drove it in high school) and has been untouched until now. As they were going through the car, they found a full roll of pennies under the front seat. Opening it and examining it revealed the contents of a typical roll of pennies from 56 years ago. The oldest coin was a 1915, then 39 years old. So the equivalent "find" today might be a 1971-D. 11 of the coins were close to new (1952 or 1953) and the scarcest of the bunch was a 1922-D. Even though only about VG, it's worth about $15.00 today. Surprisingly, it listed for 75¢ in the 1954 Redbook in Fine, so even then, it would have been a decent find. Being in the midwest, all three mints were well represented, although later-date "D" mints predominate. While relating this story to an older friend of mine, he immediately turned to me and said: "Well, you know why there was a roll of pennies under the seat, don't you?" I did not. He smiled and told me that street racers back then often kept a roll of pennies under the seat in the event of a "dispute." Seems a roll of coins in a clenched fist makes for a very powerful punch, and served as a very handy thing to have in the event of a fight. Whether this old roll ever saw any action is unknown. The owner passed away recently. But it serves today as a wonderful "time capsule" of what was circulating in the cash registers and pockets in the mid-1950s. Below is a complete list of the Lincoln cents in the roll. No Indian heads were found, although I've heard a few very worn ones still circulated then. 1 1915 1 1919-S 1 1919-D 1 1920 1 1922-D 1 1928-D 1 1929-D 1 1935 1 1936 3 1940 1 1941 1 1942 1 1942-D 2 1943 2 1944-S 1 1944-D 2 1945 1 1945-S 1 1945-D 2 1946-S 1 1947-S 1 1947-D 2 1948-S 1 1949 1 1949-S 2 1950-D 1 1951 2 1951-S 2 1951-D 6 1952-D 5 1953-D
  18. Just discover a terrific article on these coins. http://www.georgemanzcoins.com/canadian/silverdol.html
  19. Two different variations of the 1947 half dollar
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