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  1. if I did not dug this coin in my grandmother in the garden and yourself not "cleaned" of its acid, he might think a fake. and so any serious examination shows that the original (almost killed)
  2. 100-200 Why? I have also stated - $ 50. price is not invented, but discovered by interviewing experts who are willing to pay for it the money and more. Yes, the coin in terrible condition (many years ago, while still a small, clean coin found in the garden hydrochloric acid). Just a rare coin, even in Russia. Inscribed his time in the small circulation of Feodosia (Crimea, Ukraine) and timed to the arrival of Catherine II visited the city.
  3. A review my collection of coins of Russia: Russian Empire, Soviet Union, modern Russia. These prices are exactly the coin (in the appropriate condition) in Ukraine (in dollars). Collection of Dema Yuriy (Kyiv, Ukraine): Russian coins
  4. Coin Collection over 250 countries (of modern coins, no longer existent, dependent territories ...). We give high-quality scans of coins, arms countries. Countries are classified according to the standard catalog of coins Krause: http://dema-na.narod.ru/
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