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  1. Those have nice toning I read somewhere that these marks on some of the tokens were from the merchants striking them to see if they were real, is this true? one of the strikes is located under the U, they are on several of my tokens
  2. I believe they are all Great Britain except for the non-circular ones, they are caribbean...
  3. BjC

    Ebay Tale

    I hate getting into bidding wars on ebay...
  4. BjC

    Altered Penny?

    haha, ok thanks for assuring me guys.
  5. Nice Sets!!! I love the swiss coins, partly because I have swiss ancestry
  6. BjC

    Nazi Era Coin

    The outside edge is inscribed; "The Common Good goes before the Interest of the Individual" (translated)
  7. I found this coin a while ago in change, and was shocked by the condition... perhaps it's been altered? what is your opinion... 1936 S Thanks
  8. BjC

    Nazi Era Coin

    Tis why I bought it
  9. Sorry I know this is an old post, but I though I would add to it... btw I really like your 1812... I have quite a few bank tokens, here are a few of them. 1837 One Penny 1850 half Penny 1844 Half Penny 1837 One Penny
  10. BjC


    here are 2 Victoria coins from my collection... unfortunatly not in the best condition 1891 One Penny 1897 Half Penny
  11. Hey guys, just thought I would share this coin I recieved the other day... it's a 1938 2Mark, with Paul von Hindenburg's portrait on that back.
  12. hey everyone, forum looks good. hope I can help and contribute. I'm from Niagara Falls Canada and I mainly collect Canadian/British and World coinage...
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