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    Hello...I am looking for some info on a Bronze 1860 penny I have. I noticed it has an E from the one which looks like an F.....it happens that the foot of the E is extremely weak and looks like an F....I looked this up and indeed this is a variety......Strangely though this same coin has 3 other traits which would in themeselves be variety types...It has what looks like an inverted V over an A, an I over a T and very weak colons after F D...in addition the B in Britt looks strange and the Y in Penny has a missing arm.....does anyone have a similar coin....Thankyou Fletch
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    Rex Fletcher

    Hello...I am looking for some help...I recently discovered a Victoria 1867 penny which showed some unusual Markings (Spines) at the front of Victoria s neck, some strange folded Marks between the back of her neck and some kind of shadow marks below that...in addition on the reverse...a line runs from the lighthouse up into Brittannia s shield and under her hand. in another the same line runs further to her bodice ....I scouted around on the London coins auction website. and searching ' penny 1867' I found another example showing all of the 3 unusual marks ....This was lot number 688 from a 2011 auction....the coin is peck 1675...in addition I have only seen one other coin with these same distinctive marks.....could this be a new variety ?....Thank you Rex Fletcher
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