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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm already looking into finding a PMG grading company to do the job.
  2. Wow thanks for the quick reply! Well about the condition; i've read the IBNS grading criteria and these notes really look like they've been taken care of. They have no folds or creases, though some do have a few minor stains around the edge. I really wish i could get out of having to put on eight separate listings though
  3. Hello CoinPeople! I've recently inherited a collection of eight 1944 yugoslavian banknotes in AU/UNC condition (in my unprofessional opinion), 6 of which have consecutive (ish) serial numbers on them: ...989, ...990, ...992, ...993, ...995, ...996 I'm am missing 991 and 994 that would make this a complete sequence. My question is, how much does this affect the value of the notes? The majority of ebay listings for these same notes in roughly the same condition are at around 150$ per note, but there aren't any listings for consecutive numbers (at least for simmilar notes). Would i sell them higher if i try to auction them off as an incomplete set of 6 consecutive serials or if i sold them off as three consecutive pairs? Percentually how much (if at all) does having consecutive serials raise their value? Thank you for your help, best regards, Nejc
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