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  1. Here is my coin, 1758, struck on 1 Öre SM 1731 (the year under is more visible in reality). Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hello! Interesting. I can tell you that my 1 kopek/1 Öre SM also are cut pretty much alike the first of your here shown coins, and the extra 4 grams of copper were probably reused. Though I do not think that my specimen have a new egde, my memory tells me that it partly has the old edge from 1 Öre SM and the rest is just a plain, cut egde. But I'll check on that when I have access to my coin again!
  3. Hello everyone, thank you for the response! I do not have my overstruck coin at hand right now, but I'll try to show you a picture soon. Yes, the Swedish "Avesta 5 Kopek" of great interest for me, at the moment I have one 1787. For now I'm happy with that and focusing on getting a 2 kopek struck on a 2 Öre SM. A parallell to this coin also exists in the Swedish coin history. When Sweden began production of 1 and 1/2 Skilling in 1802, the old 1 and 2 Öre SM were devalued by 50% and an overstriking program took place, the 1 Öre SM were overstruck to 1/2 Skilling and 2 Öre SM to 1 Skilling. This took place 1802-05 in Avesta (1/2 Skilling were also struck on new planchets, though in Stockholm). However, there exists one known 1 Skilling struck on a English 1 Penny from 1797. Do you experts from outside Sweden know any other coins struck on Swedish copper coins?
  4. Hello everyone! Very interesting coins, nice to see pictures of your specimens. Also I have one in my collection, 1757 struck over a 1 öre sm 1731. My specialist area is Swedish copper and just recently discovered these coins. I've noticed that in Brekke (1977) there is a 2 kopek struck at a Swedish coin, though not mentioned what type of coin. Closest to hand to assume because of the 1 öre sm it might be a 2 öre sm, though their weight is 28,3g, maybe also they were cut down. Does anybody know anything about that?
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