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  1. Hi KayCee046! And Hello to Melbourne (I'm California and Colorado), I too hope the original post writer checks in one day. I would love to know more about your coin! Is it Napoleon III? Apparently you have the only other one with a portrait still in it. Might it be of Queen Victoria, or of Maria Theresa of Austria? I wish you would post a photo. I've been checking back here occasionally since my post above...I'll check again sometime soon... Tom
  2. Hi again, Sunshine34 I can also say with certainty that it is not a "photo", as a person above posted. It is an oil miniature. It is impossible for it to be a photo. Examine it with a good magnifying lens and you will see this to be the case; but its provenance alone precludes the notion of a photograph, as I can explain. hope to talk, Tom
  3. Hi Sunshine34! Greetings from the US! I cannot believe I am seeing this coin again! I was in possession of your coin from 1978-1999. I am aware of a few facts about it and would like to share them with you. I know its history from about 1939 but not before that. And I was the person who found the 'secret'. The internet is a miracle! I have always wondered what happened to it. Please email me at the address I gave you. I'll give you my phone number if you'd like. I would love to know how you happened across it (I never knew what happened to it because it was lost) and I can tell you an interesting story about it (where it was between 1939-1999) as well as a couple of things I figured out about it. I realize I'm nine years late seeing, and responding to, your post. But better late than never! sincerely, and hoping to talk, Thomas J. Tyson
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