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  1. I would like opinions on clad quarters with many different colors ,such as silver, black is suppose to be the real deal and the weight always shows some are green let me let you know me ,I posted on ebay I will have the 1st WEST POINT PENNY AND went to the Philadelphia mint at 12:00 not I1 person was in there for the mint sets ,infact I was the only person there ,I bought 8 sets and sold them ,and looked at every free W penny and most had spots dings ,except it was FREE ,sold them fast and went to the mint two days latter for 12 sets ,they all went ,I go on a HUNT two days a week ,not like a normal coin hunter ,there is a mall a block away ,I go from store to store and go through each cash register and the clerk will shout a register down and put all dimes nickle Quarters on the counter and close the next one ,and I pass lens out to cashiers ,and teach what to look for after all 10 stores it the BANK there I MIGHT get a silver dollar 1890 o or a flying eagle 1858 LG date ,what im saying is ,you have to be a people person ,teach them and give ,I tried the BANK hunting way ,its GOOD THIS WAY IS WAY BETTER HOPE IT HELPS
  2. I don't understand you did not pass security check could somebody please help it says this is a very friendly site then help should be very friendly and easy
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