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  1. You can buy a pocket size scale for less than $20 bucks as your first line of defense against counterfeiting. The Red Book lists sizes, weights for every U.S. coin minted. Most dollar sized counterfeits are 5 to 10 grams underweight and a sure sign to run! Most dealers today have a precious metal verifier to read the density of the precious metal and most will check your coin(s) for free. Protect yourself and remember if it is too good to be true it probably is!
  2. Well it is TOUGH as I strive to offer great prices to keep customers coming back but at the same time I know my shop owner wants to see profitable results so its been a learning experience. I find it really hard to tell someone who comes into the shop with a rare find it is NOT a rare find. Feel like I am stepping on a bug that has no desire to be stepped on. I will say I have seen and handled coins in the last year I have never had in my hands before and its tough to see some of those "I want that" go back out the door. One of the most fascinating collections I handled last year was collected years ago was handed down from father to sons after he passed. The man kept immaculate records with the coins and seeing all his gold which he paid no more than $59.00 for in high grades simply amazed me. I would have assumed the collection had to fall between $100,000 to $200,000 and the bulk of it was very high grade. I do hope the two boys hold on to some of that collection! I do rely on photo grade and the big red book when grading some coins I have never really had the opportunity to handle or grade in my life time. It is such an exciting endeavor wondering what will walk in the door next! Wish I could have experienced this all my life!
  3. Just a quick HI from Indiana. I was asked to retire a couple years ago, after a life time of working and coin collecting, to assume a position of Associate Coin Dealer in a local shop. Didn't have to convice me it was time to retire! lol After a year in heaven I was approached to help set up a new shop in another city as an Associate Coin Dealer and actually run the shop! I get to pick the days I want to work, the hours and the pay is fantastic! So now I am living the dream and praying to live another 20 years as my fascination and knowledge of coins has finally paid off! Through the years I have been on various coin forums and, for a few, actually owned an international forum so its good to be back!
  4. Older coins will lose a bit of weight due to loss of rims. Most fakes are 5 to 7 grams lite due to the lack of real silver but the counterfeiters are getting better adding weight but in the end the coins are usually too thick! Everything is being counterfeited these days so always take precautions.
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