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  1. Recently acquired this coin showing faded "L" and "I" in the LIBERTY motto
  2. Many thanks for your comments. I am just a beginner on coin collecting. It was also surprising to find it in a Proof set. Anyway, I have taken other photos in color-one attached. I have other Proof sets and in all of them, the "R" is fully closed, but not in the coin shown in the photos
  3. Recently purchased a lot of Proof sets finding a 1973 coin showing an irregularly open R in the word TRUST. A second Kennedy Half dollar dated 2004 having the " E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto extremely faded Both coins are sealed Proof sets from the San Francisco mint Comments/opinions appreciated
  4. Recent acqusition of Proof coin shows distorted/garbled designer's initials. Appears a mint error which not found anywhere in the Web Shall appreciate comments/opinions
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