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  1. You are amazing. You really know your stuff and I truly do appreciate everything!
  2. Thank you so very much for all of that information. I have researched all of that and I can usually tell the difference but I have a couple of coins that are just plain difficult to tell. I am currently waiting on my new magnifier to ship to me as mine recently fell apart. I tried to post a pic of my most difficult coin here but it keeps telling me the file is too big and it's only 1 picture. I also just came across a 1914 wheat. Normally I know the value of these is generally not high but in the center of the obverse is a deep stamp in it of the number 40. It was very obviously after mint damage. I am wondering if it makes the penny worthless. The rest of the coin is in decent shape. Any thoughts?
  3. I have a few coins that I am honestly not sure if they are doubled dies or doubled stamped. Is there an easy way to tell? It may be my lighting is not great or perhaps it's my eyes. Either way, I would appreciate any advice.
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