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  1. Thanks everyone for your quick responses...it does seem like a pretty small community overall but obviously very active. I'll try to count up all the "Moore" pieces he has and let you know. Rod, I'll send you some higher quality pics of the whole collection by email and see what you think...thank you all for being so helpful.
  2. Hello, I am brand new to this forum and know nearly nothing about Swiss shooting Medals. However, an Uncle recently passed who was an avid coin collector and he left me several dozen medals. I have no idea of the rarity, value, or overall desirability of having these medals. I took them to a local coin shop where the owner pretty much dismissed them as worthless but my impression was otherwise as my uncle seemed to be very knowledgable about all things coins. I thought, these should find themselves in the hands of someone who really appreciates them which lead me to this forum. My overall goal is to find these medals a home with someone who appreciates them the way my uncle did. However, I would also like to receive some fair value in exchange. I am so sorry if this is not the type of post encouraged on this forum. If it is not, could anyone steer me to a more appropriate location. I grabbed a random dozen out of the box and took a picture...not sure if that is helpful or not. Thanks to anyone who can be some help.
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