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  1. Search for 1983 copper cents. Only copper cents, not zinc Copper cents weigh 3,11 (Transitional Mint Error) Very few have been find
  2. I would suggest that you contact the National Bank of Nigeria. Also attach a photo of the set. I do know that some African countries do not have proof sets, only mint-sets. Very often the mint-sets are mistaken as proof sets.
  3. @gxseries Well, that was a joke ... no offense intended.
  4. No not at all ... Omnicoin does not allow detailed photos. In my opinion the Sovereign might be authentic. The "22" counterstamp, to me, says the coin was "tested" by some jewelry at some stage. (22 carat) At least you know you have gold in hand ... 😊
  5. @gxseries Thank you ... nice coins ( i mailed you my delivery address) ☺️
  6. Forgot to mention the "22" poop by the horse ....
  7. Hi guys and girls Just an interesting article from NGC regarding fake 1928 SA sovereigns available at the following link ... https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/5626/counterfeit-1928-south-africa-gold-soveriegn/ However, reading the article, NGC made a big "blooper" At the end they compared the 1914 SA sovereign with a 1928 SA sovereign. According to my knowledge no sovereigns were minted in SA during 1914. South Africa only minted sovereigns from 1923 to 1932. Even with the nice details on the 1914 sovereign i'm not able to clearly see the SA mint mark. Should it be "SA" then that coin, (in my opinion), should also be fake. @thedeadpoint I have noticed you own a 1927 SA sovereign. The coin should be listed under "South Africa" and not "UK" At the back of George's neck there is a mark. Is that a "counterstamp" or just some damage? By the way ... nice range of Peace Dollars you have there.
  8. Hi, another collector posted the following request (quoted in red) .... Any collector either from Austria or an Austrian coin collector that can assist? Austria 20 and 50 korun coins Does anyone know of a good source for some of the tougher dates of these? I'm looking for 20 K from 2005 thru 2011 and 50 K from the late 90s thru the early 2000s. Thanks!
  9. I received the medal from a Swiss friend as a gift. Regards
  10. Swiss 1898 Bronze Medal Shooting Fest Neuchatel Eagle R-970A
  11. Welcome to the forum I might be able to assist with rare/scarse South African coins ...
  12. The link you posted is not working ... please supply the correct link
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