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  1. Manfred1

    Collectors from Austria

    Hi, another collector posted the following request (quoted in red) .... Any collector either from Austria or an Austrian coin collector that can assist? Austria 20 and 50 korun coins Does anyone know of a good source for some of the tougher dates of these? I'm looking for 20 K from 2005 thru 2011 and 50 K from the late 90s thru the early 2000s. Thanks!
  2. I received the medal from a Swiss friend as a gift. Regards
  3. Swiss 1898 Bronze Medal Shooting Fest Neuchatel Eagle R-970A
  4. Manfred1

    New member!

    Welcome to the forum I might be able to assist with rare/scarse South African coins ...
  5. Manfred1

    20 kreuzer from Austrian Empire

    Very nice ...
  6. Manfred1

    "Nightmares of the Fall" Silver Rounds

    Nice rounds ...
  7. Manfred1

    20 kreuzer from Austrian Empire

    The link you posted is not working ... please supply the correct link
  8. Welcome to the forum Ike
  9. Hi @ndy, welcome
  10. Manfred1

    Rare Coins You Have. Show us yours...

    @happyaf Only as a matter of interest and only if you want to answer ... what did you pay for the coin? Spot rate app USD 240 Normally i buy any gold coin available. That said, i do not buy commemorative gold coins. The ratio between spot rate and purchase price are normally way off. My personal opinion is that you will never "recover" the difference.