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    South African coins (ZAR, Union, 2nd decimal, current)
    Silver Rands (2nd decimal - Protea Series - Mandela Series)

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  1. Rare Coins You Have. Show us yours...

    @happyaf Only as a matter of interest and only if you want to answer ... what did you pay for the coin? Spot rate app USD 240 Normally i buy any gold coin available. That said, i do not buy commemorative gold coins. The ratio between spot rate and purchase price are normally way off. My personal opinion is that you will never "recover" the difference.
  2. ikaros' goodies

    Nice 10 Franc coin IK ... My oldest coin ... 1801 Bavarian Ducat
  3. I have posted this puzzle on another forum ... you need to enable "Flash player" http://four.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=4079069&k=6893011
  4. Hello numismatists !

    Hi Coinzo I'm not using Facebook. South African Fauna & Flora
  5. Hi, my main interest is South African coins If you need info please feel free to ask
  6. South African Crown size 5 Rand

    Mass: 33.626gDiameter: 38.725mmAg .925 Cu.07524ct gold platedMintage 10,000