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  1. HT3Fisher73USN

    Is ths a 1971D DDR with die crack

    The date is in the title of the thread 1971D...
  2. HT3Fisher73USN

    Counterfeit photo references

    Here are my fake trades with die cracks and cooling cracks and worn silver.
  3. HT3Fisher73USN

    Odd Nickel

    I agree
  4. HT3Fisher73USN

    Can anyone ID this US coin?

    Counterfeit $5 half eagle in bronze. I'm looking at it in a book right now.
  5. I just got the opportunity to sort through thousands of coins for my grandma. And have many questions and coins to show. So far this is the best but what do I know she could have many rares.
  6. HT3Fisher73USN

    Is ths a 1971D DDR with die crack

    I need to know if this is a DDR or MDR? And how to tell if it's a silver planchet.