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  1. I think it´s very hard to say this not having those 2 different types in your hands. Or you should at least must see a lot of them in the past to be able to see the difference between convex and normal coinage. There are few other such coins with hard to see differences.
  2. A-ha, and now you want to sell it, right?
  3. Hi I use Catawiki.com auction. Site has easy to use interface and auctions are at least every week. So quick and easy to sell.
  4. I do not think those were yefimki. Novodels were stamped on new blanks
  5. Even called Novodels, those coins were made most probably in Ekatherina II period. So wear is normal for them. Novodels were prohibited to make in 1890. At that time most of the original stamps were destroyed.
  6. Hello I have 2 such roubles in my collection: one silver and one copper. The copper one is most rare. It is not described in most of the catalogs. I like these coins very much.
  7. Hello! There is not much literature in English with detailed description I suppose. If you need just catalog I found very useful this one (has English version) www.m-dv.ru And of course you can always use Bitkin handbook. All text in Bitkin is in English and Russian. Bitkin is hard to find as a book, but you can find internet scanned versions.
  8. Thank you. I checked the link, but it looks there were no activities for long time. I put one coin over there just to check if it works.
  9. Russia Nicholas II 50 kopeks 1896 AG VF Bitkin # 72 for sale Start price 18 Euro. Please bid
  10. Hello everybody, I have some Russian Imperial coins I want to sell, but I didn't find suitable topics on this forum? Any tips?
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