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  1. ViFi

    Coons of Peter III

    Hello! There is not much literature in English with detailed description I suppose. If you need just catalog I found very useful this one (has English version) www.m-dv.ru And of course you can always use Bitkin handbook. All text in Bitkin is in English and Russian. Bitkin is hard to find as a book, but you can find internet scanned versions.
  2. Thank you. I checked the link, but it looks there were no activities for long time. I put one coin over there just to check if it works.
  3. Russia Nicholas II 50 kopeks 1896 AG VF Bitkin # 72 for sale Start price 18 Euro. Please bid
  4. Hello everybody, I have some Russian Imperial coins I want to sell, but I didn't find suitable topics on this forum? Any tips?